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from this ……..

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Children of an untreated victim of childhood sexual abuse stand a five times greater chance of being abused themselves.

Punch a hole in the darkness!!

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The Lamplighter Movement currently has

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We must all stand together so that none must stand alone!

Provide a “home away from home” for other survivors, a safe place where they can tell their story.

Support for adult survivors of child sexual abuse incest, domestic violence, rape and sexual assault

The revised second edition of REPAIR Your Life: A Program for Recovery from Incest & Childhood Sexual Abuse, with a special five star review by Dr. Vincent Felitti of the ACE Study and two new chapters, is due to be released in a few weeks. Watch this page for the release date.


The Lamplighter Movement Salutes……

My publisher, Victor Volkman of Loving Healing Press who had the insight, the courage and the kindness to have faith in my book, Repair Your Life, then going on to publishing five more of my books, enabling me to develop my own courage in starting The Lamplighter Movement. Take a look at his website at http://www.lovinghealing.com/ and find out what he has a passion for,  helping others. Their mission is: “Loving Healing Press is dedicated to producing books about innovative and rapid therapies to empower authors in redefining what is possible for healing the mind and spirit.” Victor has not only dedicated his time to helping me, he has sent hundreds of my books to Lamplighter chapters in other countries around the world. Because of him my books are in libraries around the world; because of him many lives are being healed and saved. What a valiant, bold and determined journey Victor is on. Without him I’d still be only dreaming of being a published author. Thank you Victor from the bottom of my heart.


READ the recent Amazon.com five star review by

 Dr. Vincent J. Felitti on Repair Your Life


REPAIR Your Life

Rescue the frightened child inside of you.


 REPAIR Your Life

The REPAIR program took me from being married to my third abuser, suicidal, filled with despair and living part time in a women’s shelter to being the happiest person I know. Isn’t it time you were REPAIRed?  Margie

 All illustrations by Tom W. McKinnon


1. A child has the right to decide who can and cannot touch any part of their body.

2. A child has the right, in fact the duty, to report to a safe person any time someone attempts to touch their body inappropriately.

3. A child has the right to set boundaries regarding any part of their own body.

4. A child has the right to dial 911 on the phone if they think they are in any danger from someone wanting to touch their body inappropriately and ask for help NOW.

5. A child has the right to be believed if they are honestly reporting any danger from someone touching or attempting to touch their body inappropriately.

6. A child has the right to run away or scream for help if someone approaches them in a manner that seems scary or “yucky”.

Please read these RIGHTS to your child frequently. They belong to them. Help them to understand what each one means.

Tell your child frequently:

Your body belongs to you; you can decide who touches it.”

Copyright (c) 2011 by Marjorie McKinnon. All Rights Reserved.