My Poetry Corner….

Do you like getting out of bed on the wrong side every morning?

Or would you rather be happy and stable and enjoying life?

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The newest edition of my recovery poems, now compiled in a book called Odyssey, A Spiritual Journey. If you are a child sexual abuse victim you’ll find yourself in it.



Change has always loomed

Like a demon in my mind.

It pounces sharp on all my plans,

The treasures that I find.

I hate it when it comes to me,

A smile upon its face.

Disguised in goodness and character,

Dressed up in pearls and lace.

My life is set in front of me,

Predictable and fast.

How dare this wayward, orphan child

Stray me from my task.

It flounders, wanders, oscillates

With its persistent, nagging voice.

Bent upon surprising me

With growth and will and choice.

But I can see through all of it,

This aim to tempt my fate,

And call adventure to my door,

When I’d really rather wait.

For deep inside my cautious heart

There lurks a frightened child,

Who doesn’t know if she can cope,

When change makes her riled.

What if I stumble, lose my way,

Fall and skin my knee?

What if life, who brings this change,

Becomes an obstacle to me?

But I must play the advocate,

With deep humility,

I must admit that without change

I’m never really free.