My Poetry Corner….

Do you like getting out of bed on the wrong side every morning?

Or would you rather be happy and stable and enjoying life?

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The newest edition of my recovery poems, now compiled in a book called Odyssey, A Spiritual Journey. If you are a child sexual abuse victim you’ll find yourself in it.

     Turning Page

I have a thousand words, locked inside my heart,

That I would say to loved ones, if only I could start.

My heart is filled with caring and too much love to give

And I have squandered happiness, swapped for a chance to live.

For living to me meant that I must play with fire,

Daring it to catch me, feeding my desire,

Always testing strength, what can I handle next?

In trying to be a warrior, I lost what I love best.

Serenity of heart as it grows inside of you

With power to rule the mountains, to do what you can do.

But victims get what they request when they entice their fate

And lessons learned are harsh and swift and wisdom comes too late.

For battle scars heal slowly when you pick at them with rage

And never learn to soothe your soul by simply turning page.