The Elephant In The Room

I just finished reading a blog dated August 26, 2011 from Psychology Today written by Catherine McCall MS, LMFT on How to support a Friend Who is Recovering from Incest.  I was so impressed that I wanted to share it with my readers. See the link below.

We all have someone in our life who was sexually abused as a child albeit we may not know it. Perhaps that someone is us. We all know of family members who are aware of “the elephant in the room”. Ssshhh……….Don’t talk about it. Don’t mention it. Avert your eyes and maybe it will go away. My father was my perpetrator and his excuse was, “it wasn’t that bad kiddo, they do it in the Appalachian District all the time.” I had a friend once whose wife and daughter had both been sexually abused. His comment, said with a wry tone was, “if it’s so prevalent what’s the problem?” If ever I wanted to smack someone that would have been the time. A Commander at a Police Department I spoke with, in response to my attempt to start a chapter there, once said, “we don’t do sexual abuse in our town”. Really!!  An ostrich buries his head in the sand but humans don’t need to be doing it. And we are.

People, take off the blinders. No problem ever gets resolved if we ignore it. If you have a friend who needs help in recovering from incest or any child sexual abuse reach out to them the same as you would someone who has just lost a loved one. Your friend did lose a loved one, their innocence.

Please read my blog titled A Repulsive Subject Matter. It will enlighten you. You can find it at:

Here is the article from Psychology Today.

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