Repair For Kids

Now there is help for children.

The Children’s Version of REPAIR

A simple and common sense program of recovery for healing sexual abuse in our children. Help them to find a way out of their pain.

Have your children been REPAIRed?

“Repair For Kids Provides a comprehensive, honest and passionate approach for children recovering from sexual abuse. Children will benefit from this book, and be encouraged to continue on their recovery journey.”

Jill Osborne, Ed.S, author of Sam Feels Better Now

“I wish I had had something like this a long time ago for my sad and shamed ‘little girl’ within. I can’t think of anything I’d change. You have covered it all and with wonderful sensitivity, perfect timing and terrific repair exercises. I love the cartoons and the colorfulness of your book as well.”

Marcelle Taylor, MPT author of Flowers and Thorns, A Caregiver’s Story

I found this book to be well thought out and written and one that would be helpful for any child who has known the pain of sexual abuse. I wish a caring adult had shared this book with my siblings and myself, it would have helped ease our pain and sorrow.”

Michael Skinner, musician and child mental health advocate

Margie’s REPAIR books are a wonderful tool in the healing process. They are comprehensive, useful, and very much needed in the world. If you or someone you love is on the pathway to recovery then most certainly do the REPAIR work.

Angela Shelton, actress, director, producer

Yahoo 5-Star Reviews for Repair For Kids

A Recovery Program to Help Young Victims of Sexual Abuse -
July 24, 2008

Reader Views – (Austin, Texas)

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (7/08)

“REPAIR for Kids” presents a six-step program for children who are recovering from incest and sexual abuse. It is geared for kids that are in the 6 to 12 year-old age range. REPAIR stands for Recognition, Entry, Process, Awareness, Insight, and Rhythm. I first learned about REPAIR when I read “REPAIR for Adults.” In “REPAIR for Kids,” the material is presented with colorful illustrations in a manner which is easier for children to read. It contains exercises that allow children to write about their emotions. There is also a list of instructions for adults at the beginning of the book and a helpful suggested book list at the end.

McKinnon is perfectly able to describe the feelings that sexually-abused children experience. For example she describes shame as “that hot rush to our body that makes us feel bad.” She knows what the child is experiencing. This in turn helps the child realize that they are not alone and that there are others that have gone through this experience and will be able to relate to them. This book brought tears to my eyes, because I found myself wishing that I had access to it as a child.

A powerful message runs through the book. This message tells children that what happened was not okay, and it was not their fault. It is so important that children realize this. They also learn how to identify their emotions, set boundaries and most importantly to say “NO!” By addressing these things now, it will help prevent the child from being abused again by someone else. The exercises and readings will empower them to have a role in their own recovery. This empowerment is critical because the abuse has made them feel helpless. Empowering them now will help them heal so that hopefully they will avoid getting involved with abusers, drugs and promiscuity when they are older.

“REPAIR for Kids” by Marjorie McKinnon is a really important resource for children who have been abused. I wish that a copy could be found in every classroom so that abused children could have immediate access to the information. This might be the very tool they need to show them how to get the abuse to stop. This is particularly critical for these children because they might be more inclined to report abuse if they are taught that it isn’t their fault. If you are helping a child who has been abused, you should not hesitate in purchasing this book.

Repair for Kids – August 19, 2008

Anita Ann Rios-Sherman

I have to say the cover kind of threw me off, it is very childish. But, like it has been said “Never judge a book by it’s cover.” This books is amazing for children of all ages who have suffered this kind of abuse. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I wish I had this book in my early and late teens when self-doubt and hate plagued me.

The book isn’t simply something for the child to read, it’s workbook. They can keep it can review it later when bad feeling’s come back. I would defiantly recommenced this book, if for some bad reason I knew a child who was or had gone through one of these situation. A much needed book.

An American Authors Association review – March 15, 2009

Maria Edwards

This is a much needed book for children who have been sexually abused. With delightful illustrations and a simply guided tour, this can be used by an older child by himself or under the guidance of a family members or adult friend. (There are instructions for an adult who uses the book to help a child.)

The author has set up a six-stage program which she identifies this way: Recognition, Entry, Process, Awareness, Insights and Rhythm. There are work sheets for the child to use in learning about their feelings, building self-esteem and optimism, learning the difference between healthy and unhealthy messages, learning skills to soothe the inner-child, how to reveal inner feelings through drawing, breaking free from false shame, cultivating self-care skills and practices, learning about boundaries and bodies, and how to return to the natural rhythm and flow of life.

The author has used simple terms and created easy tools to help any child work through the devastation of sexual abuse.

Highly recommended.

Stories for Children Magazine 5 Star Review, January 11, 2009

V. S. Grenier – Stories for Children Magazine … (Ivins, Utah USA)

This is the second book in the Growing with Love Series designed to help children recover from Incest and Childhood Sexual Abuse. However, I felt this book could work in helping children who felt bullied move past the hurt feelings and build-up their self-confidence.

REPAIR for Kids is a multiple step program for children to tell, express, and move beyond childhood abuse. Adults using this book will find at the beginning instructions on the best ways to help children recover using this book. The program is non-abusive and helps children know and understand there are caring parents, adults, relatives, or therapists willing to help and listen.

The illustrations that accompany each step are fun and kid friendly. Giving a storybook feel rather than a recovery tool workbook appearance. There are sections where children are encouraged to write or drawn within the book itself, too. The suggested activities are fun and safe. They help build the child’s confidence with each step towards repair.

At the back of the book, adults will find other suggested books for reading and insight to way the author felt this book was important to write.

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