Marcelle Taylor

Marcelle Taylor – Child Sexual Abuse Specialist in Orange County, California

As a practicing Marriage Family Therapist for twenty-seven years in California, and as a recovering woman from the effects of childhood sexual abuse, I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation. Marjorie McKinnon’s book, REPAIR: A Program for Recovery is logically constructed and sensitively presented. The author employs didactic and experiential learning in a clear manner which invites the reader to risk dealing with the scars of childhood sexual abuse and incest. REPAIR, when used as an adjunct to therapy and/or support groups, offers “hands-on” exercises which will facilitate and hasten the process of healing. I have personal experience with many of the tools the author presents and can attest to their usefulness. Anyone wanting to recover from the life-long trauma of childhood sexual abuse will benefit from this book. REPAIR: A Program for Recovery, will become the reader’s wise and trusted companion along the road to wellness.

Very sincerely,
Marcelle B. Taylor, MFT, Author of Flowers & Thorns, Caregiver’s Story
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