Honorary Lamplighters

While these courageous people are not actual Lamplighters or Lamplighter Facilitators, they are fighting the “good fight” in our war against child sexual abuse, incest, domestic violence, rape, sex trafficking and sexual assault. We applaud them, we honor them. We are enormously grateful for their contribution to this world wide epidemic. Therefore we induct them into our Honorary Lamplighter Hall of Fame.

January, 2015

My publisher, Victor Volkman of Loving Healing Press who had the insight, the courage and the kindness to have faith in my book, Repair Your Life, then going on to publishing five more of my books, enabling me to develop my own courage in starting The Lamplighter Movement. Take a look at his website at www.LHPress.com and find out what he has a passion for, helping others. Their mission is: “Loving Healing Press is dedicated to producing books about innovative and rapid therapies to empower authors in redefining what is possible for healing the mind and spirit.” Victor has not only dedicated his time to helping me, he has sent hundreds of my books to Lamplighter chapters in other countries around the world. Because of him my books are in libraries around the world; because of him many lives are being healed and saved. What a valiant, bold and determined journey Victor is on. Without him I’d still be only dreaming of being a published author. Thank you Victor from the bottom of my heart.

Michael Skinner, musician, song writer, survivor, advocate who works tirelessly to end sexual abuse and gives hope and inspiration to those affected by depression, PTSD and childhood sexual abuse

Marjorie McKinnon-Price, National Director of Human Resources and Payroll of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition

Angela Shelton, award winning documentary film producer, actress, writer and speaker, director, model, screenwriter, superhero, producer, film maker, comedian, teacher, author of Finding Angela Shelton. Margie’s REPAIR books are a wonderful tool in the healing process.  They are comprehensive, useful, and very much needed in the world.  If you or someone you love is on the pathway to recovery then most certainly do the REPAIR work.

David Pittman, Executive Director at Together We Heal.org and South Florida Support Group Leader at SNAP

Bill Murray, Producer/Director/Editor/Writer at Film, TV & Journalism, Volunteer at Community Activist and CEO & Founder at National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

Rachel Grant, Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach at Rachel Grant Coaching

Jerome Elam Author, Child Advocate at Child advocate, Staff Columnist at Communities Digital News, LLC and Classified at United States Marine Corp, past lyricist and Author, anti-abuse advocate, peer-counselor

Lynn C. Tolson, Artist at Abundant Arts and Vintage Ventures and Author of Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor’s Story

Pamela Pine, CEO and Founder of Stop The Silence

Dr. Kathleen Brooks, Author and Talk Radio Host

Marci Taylor Stewart, MFT, Child Sexual Abuse Specialist for 27 years, Chinese Brush Artist and Author of Flowers & Thorns, A Caregiver’s Story (to order your copy email Marci at marcicreates@msn.com)

Reverend Debbie Marks, One Life Ministry, Animal Ministry, United Centers for Spiritual Living,

Dr. Marta Adelsman, Life Coach in Communication

Elizabeth Ditlevson, Director of Domestic Violence Services, Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Catharsis Foundation

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