He Told Me Not To Tell

Most children who are sexually assaulted are taken advantage of by someone they know. Eighty-five percent of sexual assaults on children are by people known to them. He Told Me Not to Tell, a booklet published by King County Sexual Assault Resource Center, is a parents’ guide to talking to children about sexual assault. This booklet is a collection of ideas gathered from parents for dealing with the difficult subject of talking to children about sexual assault. It covers the following topics:

  • It’s hard to talk about
  • What is the sexual assault of a child?
  • What we fear and what is more likely to happen
  • Talking to your child about sexual assault
  • Helping children protect themselves
  • What can I do besides talk
  • The “What if” game
  • Ways kids tell someone they need help
  • If you learn your child has been assaulted
  • Reporting?
  • A medical exam?
  • What about the long term?
  • Offender information

This is a guide that all parents should have and read. Remember that children of an untreated sexual assault victim stand a five times greater chance of being assaulted themselves. To order a copy call 425-226-5062.

King County Sexual Assault Resource Center. P.O Box 300, Renton, WA 98056 www.kcsarc.org

If your child has been assaulted and needs help please look into getting a copy of REPAIR For Kids  (information at http://www.thelamplighters.org/llblog01/books/repair-for-kids/) or REPAIR For Teens (at http://www.thelamplighters.org/llblog01/books/repair-for-teens/) and have them begin the journey to recovery .

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