Donna Gustafson

From Donna Gustafson

I have been a domestic abuse advocate for four years and one year ago, I became the Executive Director of a sexual abuse prevention agency. I am also a survivor of domestic assault. Our agency, Sunrise Center Against Sexual Abuse, was inactive for about two years related to health concerns of the former director. In the span of one year, we have given presentations to our three school districts, day care providers, fostercare providers and community support clubs. When we found the model for our woman’s support group, The Lamplighters, and the program REPAIR, we were thrilled. It is exactly what was desperately needed in International Falls and Koochiching County. We have now expanded our support group to include women of Fort Frances and the surrounding area in Ontario, Canada. After finding Marjorie McKinnon and the support she offered, we are now into our program. We had our first meeting last Wednesday night and it was a huge success. The survivors were receptive to the program and liked the fact that they have a REPAIR Mission Statement and a Code of the Lamplighters to follow. Thank you Marjorie and God Bless you for adapting this program for our survivors to follow. We will keep you updated on the progress of the group and will also send testimonials from the group.  Thanks again for leading us in the right direction! You have given survivors hope to continue on their healing journey.

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